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Welcome to Honda Cars Insider Advice. I hope this one stop shop for all your Honda information needs, answers any questions you have and advises you so you can get that perfect deal that will allow you to brag to your friends that you had the inside track.

"What's your best deal on that Honda?" is a question I was asked many times when I sold Honda cars. I know many people have already decided to purchase a new Honda Accord, buy a used Honda Civic or perhaps a 2003 Honda Element from a Honda dealership or even a small car dealer. Congratulations, you have made a smart choice. Now, all you need is some advice on how to make your purchase correctly, right?

The information you need to get that great deal are the dealer wholesale price (what the dealer paid) and the dealer incentives, if they're available, and how to use them properly. You will also need to know what incentives Honda Financial Services has and what the banks have to offer.

"That's it?" you may be asking "What other information do I need to make a really smart purchase?" You are right, that really shouldn't be the end of it. You probably will need more to make this one of your most pleasant car buying experiences.

There are a million sites that are car related but this site will give you all of the free car buying tips you will need. I will help you make an informed purchase on a new or used Honda car or truck, buy your Honda accessories and keep your vehicle in great condition with maintenance tips and tricks.

Some of the free information I'll cover on this site:

  • Dealer Invoice and Incentives (Canada and the U.S)
  • Unbiased Honda Reviews
  • Trade in Car Values
  • How to pick between different Honda Dealers
  • Honda Repair, Recalls and Maintenance
  • Honda Accessories (Reviews and Where the Best Deals are)
  • How to Make Your Purchase the Smart Way and Get the Best Deal
  • Hi there, my name is Jim and I have worked in the automotive industry for many years and had been in sales with Honda for the past 8 years. Whether you are looking at a Honda in Canada or the United States I will give you all of the free advice my decades of experience has to offer.

    The information I will share with you will save you time, money and aggravation. That is my promise to you. The best deal I can offer you is an informed deal which I know will lead you to a great deal. I truly hope that I help you to fully enjoy your Honda car buying and ownership experience.

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