How to Pick the Honda Dealers that are Right for You

There are many differences between Honda dealers, which can include any business that sells Honda products and the factory Honda dealerships.

If you are looking to purchase a new Honda, how do you choose which dealership is going to meet your criteria. All factory Honda retailers are owned as a franchise and therefore operated by individual business people. This can create differences in anything from customer relations all the way to pricing.

A used Honda on your wish list creates an even greater list of choices Any independent dealer may sell a Honda which they can purchase from leasing companies, rental companies or auto auctions. These vehicles can be top notch vehicles or a money pit in disguise. Factory dealerships have the opportunity to become part of a Certified Used Honda Program, although being a factory dealership does not automatically grant you the status of being in this program.

For Honda Canada they have an award called the Total Quality Dealer Award. This award is given to factory dealers on an annual basis for meeting or exceeding criteria set forth by the manufacturer. This program is similar to the Certified Honda Program where it keeps a certain amount of continuity with all involved. This however is not the only way to choose where you would like to purchase your new car.

Honda dealers pricing for new cars

When consumers search for a pre-owned Honda the major difference that many people find between independent and factory retailers is the price. Advertised prices many times can seem to be less at a small independent car dealer. Make sure you do your homework before jumping into a purchase agreement if price is your only criteria. Doing a background check by searching Google for the retailers name is a great way to find out the satisfaction many people have had. Many consumers have had great success with the independent dealers and have saved themselves some money by purchasing their Honda this way. Some things to keep in mind are hidden fees. These can range from the simple administrative fees all the way to expensive mandatory warranties or certifications. If the price seems to good to be true, you know already that it probably is. Asking to see a vehicles maintenance/service records and purchasing its accident reports will save you money in the long run. The two best accident/damage reports are either CARFAX or CarProof. Certified Honda Program vehicles in Canada all should come with a CarProof Report or a CARFAX report if purchasing in the United States.

Remember that buying a new or used vehicle should not be a race and you'll know when you have found your match. whether you purchase from one of the many Honda dealers or the factory Honda dealerships use the tools this site has to your advantage, they will help save you time, money and aggravation.