Even Honda Recalls some of its products

Very rarely does Honda have major issues with its vehicles although sometimes Honda recalls product components. We have searched local dealer files and multiple third party publications to help inform you as a consumer what to be aware of and for owners what some of the steps you can take are to correct any problems.

Most Honda recalls also come with a Honda extended warranty or "good will" warranty. Using the term "good will" when you encounter a problem may be an advantage to you in negotiating repair costs, even after the factory warranty has expired, with either your local dealer or Honda Canada / Honda Motor Company. Through our research we have compiled a full list of most problems and for each vehicle we will list issues that have come up repetitively. We will also list any Internal bulletins, secret warranties or maintenance tips. Please remember these lists are not to persuade you to not buy a Honda but to inform you fully as either a future or current Honda owner.

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The Honda Fit and Fit Sport have only been on North American roads since the launch as a 2007 model. The few complaints have been minor with servicing correcting the problems with relative ease and Honda was quick to put out extended warranties and bulletins.

The Honda Civic has in one form or another been on the roads since the early part of the 1970's. It's proven track record has made it one of the most popular selling vehicles in the world and has been the #1 selling vehicle for Honda Canada for nine consecutive years. Honda recalls and issues for the Civic have ranged in severity from transmission malfunctions to the fuel gauge being inaccurate.

The recalls and problems for the Honda Accord have also ranged from very minor details to major drive train issues, depending on the year and the trim level. Most issues have been taken care of by Honda recalls or with simple repairs done under good will by the dealers. The Accord still remains as one of your best vehicle choices as Honda has been awarded 10 best ratings for multiple years and has corrected any shortfalls quickly and efficiently.

The Honda CRV problems and recalls have mostly been minor and has left the CRV as one of Honda's most reliable vehicles. Comparing Honda's reliability ratings though is much like comparing gold to diamonds with reliability ratings remaining near perfect for the auto industry. Honda was also quick to place service bulletins and good will Honda extended warranties for most CRV problems.

The Element had its launch as a 2003 model year and has remained relatively unscathed for reliability. A few minor shortcomings have been reported and most occurring with interior components.

The Honda Odyssey and Pilot have a shared platform. The Pilot having a 2003 model year launch has had minor problems with interior components and few drive train problems. The Odyssey with its original launch mid-90's has suffered some growing pains but with Honda recalls and service bulletins taking care of corrections promptly.

With a platform that is near 90% original, the Honda Ridgeline which was launched as a 2006 model has kept to Honda's code of near bullet proof reliability. A few minor aesthetic issues have presented themselves while the drive train has remained virtually flawless.

To review the reliability of a vehicle that has built its reputation on customer satisfaction and near perfect reliability is as previously stated like comparing diamonds and gold. Honda recalls or puts service bulletins on almost every single issue that has been brought to their attention. Please be aware that the purchase of a Honda is very rarely a wrong decision except for possibly the ill-fated Passport which was a joint venture with Isuzu. The listings of issues and recalls here are not to persuade you away from a Honda purchase. The listings are here to allow you the knowledge to negotiate an informed purchase from your source of choice and to allow you a very pleasurable Honda ownership experience with the list of Honda recalls and service bulletins.