Honda Element Common Problems, Recalls and TSB`s

From its inception in 2003 the Honda Element has gained a satisfied customer base. Very few major problems have been reported by Honda Element owners, that have not been corrected by either Technical Service Bulletins or Recalls. The ACV or Active Lifestyle Vehicle which is the Elements classification given by Honda has remained relitively unchanged except for the introduction of the SC package in 2007.

The SC is an "urban cruiser" trim level with a custom bumper and grille, lowered suspension and 18-inch alloy wheels, projector-beam headlights, custom print seat fabric, standard center console and carpet in the seating areas. The SC was available equipped only with a two wheel drive model.

Listed below are the most common problems noticed by us for the Element.

2003-2009 Honda Element


-Some vehicles move faster than expected from a high cold idle when the vehicles in gear and without stepping on the accelerator. A Honda software update will fix.


-Some Rotors warp which can cause a vibration through the steering wheel when braking. Machining the rotors can correct.


-Some models Powertrain Control Module can misread a low voltage condition and turn on the Check Engine light. A Honda software update will fix

-Some models have a faulty Air Fuel sensor and may cause the Check Engine light to come on. Replacing the Air Fuel sensor will fix.

-Some models Powertrain Control Module misreads idle circuit information and the vehicle can have a higher idle when cold and cause the Check Engine light to come on. A Honda software update will fix.

Drive Train

- Four wheel drives rear differential fluid can breakdown and may cause a groaning noise when turning. Changing the fluid will fix


-Some models have a faulty Electronic Load Detector which may cause the Check Engine light to turn on. A new Electronic Load Detector will fix

-Some models have a faulty wire harness for the seat belts which may cause the SRS light to turn on. Replacing the faulty wire harness will fix.

-Tailgate out of alignment may cause the rear hatch light to turn on. Adjusting the tailgate will fix.

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