Honda Extended Warranty: Rely on Honda or Buy a Package?

A Honda extended warranty comes in different forms that will essentially achieve the same goal, owner protection. You can either purchase an extended warranty package from a Honda dealer which will have a cost to give you that extra piece of mind for the unexpected / uncommon repairs or Honda may also extend their factory warranties free of charge to cover any of the common problems that their vehicles might face.

Honda is quite good for doing this with their vehicles. "Goodwill warranties" or secret warranties are sometimes more of a fight from other manufacturer's. The Good Will Honda Extended Warranty Program will cover common problems faced by vehicles, even many times after the factory warranty has expired. Using the term "goodwill" when you are first pleasantly speaking to a service advisor at the dealership can sometimes help save you some or all of the cost of a repair. If you do not succeed speaking directly to the dealership, go a step higher and speak to Honda's coorporate offices customer relations and ask for assistance with the repair, if you truly believe it is unjust for you to cover the expense.

It is up to you when you are purchasing your new or used Honda which route you want to take. Take the risk of an issue arising and hope it is a common enough problem that Honda will cover it or spend your extra hard earned dollars on what is basically insurance. If the problem is not covered by Honda from the factory then luckily a purchased Honda Extended Warranty will cover it, but if you do not have any problems you do not get your money back. It is a decision which does not always come easy, especially when you are purchasing your Honda probably because of the lack of problems that they suffer and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Used Hondas hold a different dilemma for you, anyone can sell them. Not only do the manufacturer dealers sell them but also your corner lots, used car superstores, rental companies and leasing companies. Each retailer has their own set of rules for warranties, pricing and quality.

Honda dealers that have the certified distinction will have Honda extended warranty packages on their cars. You still have the option to purchase further coverage from them if you decide to.

Most other retailers of Honda vehicles will also offer extended packages but only from third party sources. These many times have similar coverage as the factory packages but could cost more.

It is important to do your homework. Check the vehicles history, accident reports, certification level, cost of financing and the cost of extended warranties. If you think a purchased package is the route you want to take we have arranged for Canadians to get below retail pricing for either a third party or Honda extended warranty .

We have affiliated ourselves with this warranty manager at a Honda dealership because we believe she exceeds all of our criteria and also has agreed to the purchase price for warranties below the dealer advertised price, for our readers. We will and are happy to assist you with as much as we can, but remember, that ultimately it is up to you to gather the free information that we and others offer to make sure you have a pleasurable buying and owning experience with Honda.