Service Hondas with Less Cost to You

Honda's "good will" extended warranty program has a few levels.To service Hondas Goodwill gestures there are Honda Recalls, Technical Service Bulletins and Customer Relations. As a consumer it is important to gather as much information as you can in order to keep your vehicle operating as efficiently as possible.

Honda recalls are available to you either from contacting your local dealer or by clicking here. Using your local dealer to inform you of the Recalls and TSB's on your vehicle will allow you to also book your vehicle in for servicing. You will have to supply the service advisor with the VIN # which can be found on your ownership or title papers or on your dash just below the windshield on the drivers side. The advisor will inform you of the recalls that need to be performed and the TSB's that relate to your specific vehicle. Also be sure to inquire about the listed owner. Make sure that it is your name and current contact information to ensure you receive any further updates.

Recalls and TSB's are a great ways to service Hondas for free. Recalls are issued for one of two reasons, either the vehicle is potentially unsafe or it does not meet federal emission regulations. Technical Service Bulletins are common problems that have been noticed by the manufacturer and are repaired free of charge. Goodwill encompasses the previous two and further allows dealers to make free of charge or discounted repairs. Examples of these:


2002 Honda Civic: Certain headlamps sold as replacements are not equipped with amber side reflectors which fail to conform to federal regulations; without amber reflectors vehicle could be poorly illuminated thus resulting in vehicle crash; vehicles affected 1450; date notified may 2006.


2002 Honda Civic:SRS diagnostic trouble;code1-1 1-5 drivers airbag inflator circuit; date of issue March 2004

Good Will

OPDS unit or the OPDS sensor can trigger SRS light; warranty extension; issued April 2008

Another site that offers you free listings of Recalls, TSB's and Goodwill warranties are our friends at Repair Pal.

Service Hondas inexpensively with their help.