Honda Fit and Honda Fit Sport Service Bulletins, Recalls and Secret Hidden Warranties

The Honda Fit and Honda Fit Sport were released as a 2007 model year although had been first launched under a different European name plate in 2001. The 2007 Honda Fit hit the North American streets in April 2006 and has had very few issues since then. The inaugural model was replaced for the 2009 model year which has seen the fit grow up slightly but still maintain its reliability. The Honda Fit and Honda Fit Sport have many strong qualities which definitely are not outweighed by the complaints we have uncovered.

Some complaints: Fuel sloshing excessively under the drivers seat, Paint chipping from rear bumper, Engine races after passing over bump at quicker speed, Automatic transmission hesitates from 10-5kmh while performing rolling stops, Seats sometimes will not slide forwards and backwards, Excessive wind noise at front of vehicle, A/C condenser in vulnerable position, Headlights aimed too low, Poor windshield wipers, Tires leak air.

Corrective measures:For the 2007 Honda Fit they will fix windshield wiper chatter, wind noise at the top of the windshield, passenger seat for inability to slide back and forth, warranty extension for odometer inaccuracy up to 5% and the vehicle pulling left or right(alignment, tires leaking etc.), some dealers have also taken care of paint chipping on a case by case basis.