Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan Common Problems, Recalls and Extended Warranties

In 1976 the Accord had its debut as a hatchback, since 1998 only Honda Accord coupe and sedans have been available for the North American market. It has continually had better than average reliability since its inception although with more demand for luxury components more power and better fuel economy recent models have had more redesign glitches.

From 1976 to 1997 as with most early generation Honda's both the engine and transmissions have had very few issues. The most common engine problem was the head gasket commonly failing when /if the engine overheated. Aside from the head gasket, the most noteable problem is the vehicles being rust prone. If you are looking into purchasing one of the first five generations of Accord make sure to have it examined carefully to ensure the strength of the body integrity.

We have compiled lists of the most common problems, recalls and service bulletins for the sixth to eighth generation Honda Accord coupe and sedans. The sixth generation is 1998-2002, the seventh is 2003-2007 and the eighth is 2008-present.

1998-2002 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan


-Excessive oil consumption causes low level, which can cause a Check Engine light for the four cyl. engine

-Engine oil leaks from engine block casting for six cyl.

-Broken front engine mount can cause rough idle and harsh shifting for six cyl.


-Brake master cylinder reservoir filter being faulty can cause the brake system indicator to come on and go off. Replacing the reservoir filter can fix.

-Warping front brake rotors cause vibration through the steering wheel when braking. Machined rotors will fix.


- Check Engine light comes on from a misread of the ratio of air and fuel burning for combustionin four cyl.. Replacing the Powertrain Control Module will fix

- Moisture entering the fuel pressure regulator on some models affects the amount of fuel being burned in four cyl .

-Throttle plates can get excess depositsof carbon which can cause a popping throttle when first accelerating.

-The evaporative emission control solenoid can fail when salt is used on the roads during winter

-Moisture in Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor can freeze in colder climates and turn the Check Engine lighton. Replacing the MAP sensor will fix.

Drive Train

-Manual transmission can grind while shifting up into fifth gear due to the fifth gear shift fork. Replacing the gear synchro and shift fork will fix.

-Failing automatic transmissions. Honda has voluntarily extended the warranty.


-Failure of the ignition switch will possibly cause the car to stall. Honda issued a recall.

-Alternator bearing failure can cause noise.

-Clock light burning out prematurely


-Commonly failing rear sway bar links

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2003-2007 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan


-Four cyl. engine can accelerate even when accelerator is not depressed during cold start. Software update will fix

-Six cyl. engines can have oil leaks from engine block casting

-Six cyl. may have a defective timing belt tensioner. Replacing will fix

-Six cyl. may have misaligned idler pulley


-Warping front brake rotors will cause a vibration through steering wheel. Machining will fix.

-ABS modulator could leak air into the brake system causing a low brake pedal. Replacing may be needed.

-The ABS light can turn on from a flaw in the rear ABS wheel speed sensors. Redesigned sensors will fix.


-Faulty Power Control Module may cause higher idle, misread battery voltage, create long crank time to start etc.Updating software should fix.

-Check Engine Light coming on from possible faulty PCM or Oxygen sensor.


-Auto transmission second gear failing. Replacing required.

-Manual six speed third gear faulty. Replacing required.


-Electric Load Detector may be faulty turning on the check engine light and dimming the headlights.Replacing will fix.

-Radio going dark on some models. Dealer can fix.


-Rear sway bar links failing.

-Camber unevenly set. Four wheel alignment will fix.

Climate Control

-A/C condensor failing from contact with road debris.

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2008-present Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan

As of mid 2009 we have not noticed any common problems with the Honda Accord coupe or sedan and there were not any recalls or service bulletins. We will keep this updated as information becomes available.