2005 Honda Civic : A Preowned Vehicle Review

The seventh generation 2004 / 2005 Honda Civic, though still on the same platform from 2001 did go through some aesthetic updates. The front fascia, rear lights and bumper contours were all updated giving this Civic design a more aggressive appearance. The interior was also updated to incorporate a new guage cluster and plusher fabrics.

The 2004 / 2005 Civic had their power supplied by a 1.7 litre 115 hp (127 hp for VTEC equipped Si) four cylinder engine. The motor had been paired with either a four speed automatic or a five speed manual transmission. The power to weight ratio also allowed these Civics to have both impressive acceleration and fuel miser gas consumption.

The years of racing heritage was also evident in the 2004 / 2005 Honda Civic with impressive accident avoidance and slalom results. Body roll was minimal even when pushed well beyond the most aggressive real life driving situations. The '04 and '05 Civic unfortunately still continued to have issues with the front strut design. Honda had stated that it continued to address the issue through both recalls and technical service bulletins. With properly operating front suspension I found the 2005 Civic, which was my test vehicle, to not have its handling compromised at all.

Well before ever experiencing the power and handling prowess of the 2004 / 2005 Honda Civic, it's occupants are greeted with a very roomy and attractive interior. The fabric and plastics had an update with the minor model change. Seat fabrics are much softer to the touch and seating is much more supportive then in 2001. The fabrics also seemed to maintain their original design under the four or five years wear and tear. Inserting the key and supplying power to the 2004 / 2005 Honda Civic 's electronics gives the eyes a vision of a pleasant daylit blue and red guage cluster, which according to Honda lessens the strain eyes can experience from long exposure to light. Legroom is substantial for the front passengers, but what is truly impressive is the 2004 / 2005 Honda Civic 's flat rear floor. This increases the comfort felt by the Civic's rear occupants exponentially (according to my passengers who accompanied me on our extended drive).

Safety continues to be well above average with crash test results from both the NHTSA and the IIHS. The NHTSA awarded a top grade of five stars for front impact and the IIHS awarded their top awarded "Good Rating" for all categories.

Ratings and crash photos for the 2001 / 2005 Civic The '04 /'05 Civic is equipped with standard dual stage dual threshold second generation airbags (SRS). Anti-lock brakes are standard equipment on the LX to Si sedan models.

The cost of ownership for the Civic remained below average in the '04 and '05 model years with parts being readily available and the ease of maintenance. The 16 valve engine with some complexities may require more expensive dealer servicing. I would also advise one major caveat. With the popularity of the Civic with the tuner crowd be sure to check the age and even possibly the gender of the previous owners. Checking for aftermarket upgrades or the removal of them is a good bet that the car was driven with substatial agression.

The reliability of the '04 and '05 Civic still remains second to none, even with the abuse occasionally inflicted on them by hormone induced agressive driving habits. Recalls and TSB's have been introduced with most of the small amount of issues the 2004 / 2005 Honda Civic has been prone to.

Recalls for the 2005 Honda Civic

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