The 2006 Honda Civic Review From The Pre-Owned Marketplace

The 2006 Honda Civic with it's complete redesign has been one of the most popular new vehicle launches in recent history. Upgrades to the exterior, interior, safety components and drivetrain have set the eighth generation of the Civic as the bench mark for all others in the "compact" segment. The 2006 Honda Civic comes available in both a four door sedan and the two door coupe.

Both the coupe and sedan (except Si) come equipped with a 1.8 litre 140 hp four cylinder i-VTEC ("i" is for intelligent) powerplant and paired with either a five speed automatic or manual transmission. Acceleration is very brisk thanks to the excellent power to weight ratio. Shifts from gear to gear are almost seemless under normal driving conditions, although it still has the ability to snap through the gears with some aggression from the driver towards the accelerator. The 2006 Civic has a very commendable blend of performance and efficiency.

The 2006 Honda Civic in both the coupe and sedan handle with common Honda race bred agility. I still have the smile on my face from putting Honda's bread and butter car through its paces. Slalom results are impressive with minmal body roll and good tire contact throughout the test. Accident avoiding maneauvers are sure to be easily handled in even the most extreme of dry surface situations. The 2006 Honda Civic also saw a correction in the ill-fated strut design of the seventh generation.

From the moment you press the keyless entry fob and enter the 2006 Honda Civic you are aware this is a car that has been designed with the future in mind. The two-tier dash has been described as controversial or too futuristic by some but everyone agrees it is distinctive and is definitely not a standard boring design, which Honda has been plagued by in recent years. The dash envelopes its occupants, reminicent of a cockpit design yet still allowing for a very bright and roomy feeling. The steep grade windshield opens the entire interior up and allows for the uptmost visibility. Although, some shorter drvers have complained of blind spots because of their seating position.

Seating in the 2006 Honda Civic is comfortable and supportive even with a few years behind them. The 2006 Honda Civic Coupe comes equipped with an even sportier seat design and a stiffer sport tuned suspension. The front seat bolsters are deep cut to help keep you firmly planted when piloting the coupe through twists and turns. Larger drivers may unfortunately find the front seats a little confining in the coupe.

The fabrics and plastics in the 2006 Honda Civic allow for a level of sophistication that may surprise some consumers who remember the Civic from even a few years back. Road noise was substantially reduced from previous models and also sets the 2006 Honda Civic apart from many others in the compact category. The vehicle that I drove still had its original tires at first, which unfortunately did produce a pronounced hum. Once the tires were changed to a good quality tire the hum disappeared.

The amount of cabin and cargo capacity in the '06 Civic is quite generous as the wheelbase had increased 80mm compared to the seventh generation. Front passengers are able to stretch their legs out under the large dash and windshield with the seat pushed back. Rear passengers have ample room even with the seats moved back thanks to the sloping seat design and Honda's ingenius flat rear floor. The trunk and cargo capacity is substantial, especially if your Civic is equipped (upper level non hybrid models) with the 60/40 split rear seat.

Safety was increased in the '06 Civic thanks in part to Honda's "Safety for Everyone" initiative. Anti-lock brakes, Electronic brake distribution, front side and curtain airbags, active head restraints and ACE (advanced compatability engineering) body construction are all standard equipment on all models from the base up to the sport Si. The NHTSA awarded the '06 Civic top marks with a five star rating and the IIHS awarded the Civic a top "Good" rating.

Reliability is standard Honda with above average ratings. Some common complaints have arisen over the past few years but most have been addressed by either recalls or TSB's.

The Cost of Ownership is below average with thanks to Honda's standard maintenance minder. The schedule for repairs is set by the vehicles computer by judging wear from driving styles. The 2006 Honda Civic has parts readily available which helps keep costs down and with the ease of most repairs, many can be done by local mechanics and not needing the service from the more expensive dealership service departments. Depreciation levels are about as good as it can get in the automotive marketplace, which will equate into a little higher price when buying or selling the 2006 Honda Civic used.

Common Complaints

  • The drive belt tension noise can be heard from the passenger compartment on some vehicles. Installing an updated belt from Honda and rerouting it will stop the noise
  • Some models Powertrain Control Module misinterprets information from a coolant sensor and turns the Check Engine light on. A Honda software update is available
  • Some models engine RPM will not drop immediately after starting and an unexpected surge may happen when starting off. A software update will fix this issue
  • Wheel bearings wear prematurely and may fail. An update from Honda is available
  • Some windshield wipers will not park in the proper place or possibly won't shut off. The wiper motor needs to be replaced to fix this issue.
  • The airbag (SRS) light may turn on from a defective passenger position sensor. A recall to replace defective sensors is available
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  • There are reports of issues with the windshield sun visors not retracting to the upward position after sitting in the sun.
  • The speedometer hood of the two tier instrument panel has had reports of reflecting in the windshield
  • Some models bump stop in the strut may cause a noise on turns. Replacing the bump stop will alleviate this issue

  • 2006 Honda Civic Recalls