Buying From Honda Canada or in the US and want some help getting the Best Prices

Honda Canada has well over 200 current car dealers and more then five times that in the United States franchised to sell and lease their vehicle line up. Each dealership is owned and operated by a franchisee and therefore each has its own way of doing business. For example Honda Canada has set out guidelines that dealers are supposed to follow when consumers are purchasing one of Honda's cars. As we stated these are only guidelines, for example HCFI states that it will not allow dealers to charge an administrative fee. So what many dealers have done is moved that fee down one line on the bill of sale and list a warranty or certification etc below ADMIN FEE. The dealers still charge the consumer with Honda's understanding that the consumer purchased something with that fee. It is similar to you being able to purchase rust protection or extended warranties and have Honda Financial Services loan you the money to do so.

Purchasing a vehicle can be stressful enough. What is the best price? Are there any hidden incentives? Then you have to deal with the choice of which Honda dealer you should go to, to try and get a great deal. How do you choose? I have put up information (reviews and recalls) on this site to help you pick the new or used Honda that's right for you. I will help you determine what your trade in is worth and/or figure out what the used Honda you want to purchase cost wholesale or what the approximate value the dealer paid, through the trade values navigation button. I have listed through the Invoice Prices navigation button, both the Canadian Honda invoice prices and American Honda invoice pricing, free of charge and included the hidden and advertised purchase incentives. These will help you be sure of when you are getting yourself a good deal. Through investigating I have located the Honda Canada dealers that will offer the best percentage above invoice price in your area.

With the help of some colleagues the leg work has been done for you by us. As I wrote on a previous page, the goal of this website is to aid you in having a great Honda buying experience whether Canadian or American and to get you a deal that you can brag to your friends about, because you had the inside track. Our goal is to also help the dealers who have the best track records in your area meet you and allow them to help you with the purcahse of your chosen vehicle without the hassles of negotiating a great price.

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On behalf of myself and my team we thank you for allowing us to help you with your purchase and let us be the first to welcome you to the Honda Owners family. Please also write to us and let us know of your experience with your purchase, send us pictures too. A couple of selfish reasons for this is we like to make sure we are sending people to the right dealerships and we also want to hear how we were able to help make your experience a great one with either American Honda or Honda Canada.