Honda Jazz

My dad has a Honda Jazz. It's a 1200cc engine and a really nice little car. This is the second one that he's had. The first was an automatic but the one he has now is a manual gearbox.

I never drove the automatic but I regularly drive the one that my dad has now. I think it's a lovely little car.

The visibility is excellent. The mirrors are big and the windows are large so it's really easy to see what's going on around you as you drive. I like the dials and indicators on the dashboard too. They are clear and easy to read in both daylight and at night.

The thing that I love the best about this nippy little car though is the flexibility of the seats. The back seats can be laid flat to turn the back of the car into a spacious "van'. This is perfect if you are moving a lot of things around, like when you move house, go on holiday or need to take rubbish to the dump. Best of all, for times when you don't need to have the whole back laid down, you can put the seat part up so that it's flat against the back of the seat. Then you can stand things on the floor behind the front seats. It's ideal if you have big bags of shopping or something that's an odd shape that just needs a little bit of extra room to transport.

Overall, this is very economical and practical car for a couple or a small family. The back seat is spacious and easily able to take child seats. The doors open wide so it's very easy to strap children into their seats.

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